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Entrance Mats - Logo Mats: Personalize the entrance way of your workplace with custom entrance mats and logo floor mats. Inlaid logo floor mats are very durable, and your custom logo can be reproduced in virtually any color combination. Add accent with exterior entrance mats for high-traffic entrances and logo floor mats for the inside of retail areas and lobbies.
Logo colours, marks or names for individual personalisation are moulded in real natural rubber mass. This guarantees that the colour will never fade. Although (hypothetically), the surface might be subject to wear, colours will linger on regardless.
Standard sizes:
(Short pin)
Rubber SBR.
Special prices for quantities.
(Long pin)
The colour moulding system and individual personalisation for chemist, factory, restaurant, bar or whatever you wish, is also moulded in the same natural rubber, which has been granted an invention patent by the European Community.  
These carpets/door mats which, apart from their efficient shoe- cleaning capacity that is well known to all, also offer you publicity that will last for years in precisely the point of sale. We can manufacture these mats with the logotype or trademark of a product, or with the name of a company or club, etc. It can convey personalization one by one.
In those places where is a beach, our mat is ideal to ensure that neither children nor grownups, whether barefoot, or wearing sandals, or whatever, will introduce sand, as this mat retains all the sand. In those places where there is frequent snow, the Town Hall trucks distribute salt and this mixture of snow and salt that adheres to the shoe is a nightmare for the housewife that can be solved by using one of these mats.
Great elasticity
Inside colours
80 x 60 cm. in 16mm.
60x40cm. in 16mm.
67x44cm. in 8mm.
67x78cm. in 8mm.
Samples in rubber logomats:
Logomats: logos rubber brush scraper mats