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DEGOM manufactures all logo and custom-design mats using the inlay process to provide the most hard-wearing, long- lasting, colourfast logo matting available.
Your logo is computer cut from appropriate-colour inlay material using your supplied graphic and is permanently bonded into place in the “field” material of your choice.
The colors are not sprayed or printed onto the surface but are added when the material is made. This means the color goes all the way to the inside of the material A logo is made by using the so called graphic inlay technique. The design is lasercut from the different colors, inlaid and glued together.   
Using this technique we can make biggers mats and special shapes
Black, grey, brown, red, blue, gold, green, white, yellow, orange, ...
Artwork requirements: Ideally a vector graphic such as eps is best.  As a second option, we can work with jpg or tiff  images over 200 dpi  
Logomats: spaghetti vinyl insert logo mats