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Logomat DEGOM is a must for any company who's corporate logo or brand are vitally important and need to be clearly defined, making a lasting statement in high-traffic areas like entrances, lobbies, reception areas, and service counters.
The rubber backing of every mat is made of 100% washable nitrile rubber. The nitrile rubber backing has other advantages in addition to washability: the mat lies flat and securely on the floor, is more slip resistant plus the rubber borders do not curl due to cold weather. The beveled border of the mat reduces the danger of stumbling and the rubber flexibility insures the borders will not tear. This results in high durability and provides you with lasting pleasure in the appearance of Degom products.
NOTE: The colours shown may vary from the original colours. Please refer to a colour-swatch for exact colours.
50 x 75 cm.
60 x 85 cm.
85 x 85 cm.
85 x 115 cm.
85 x 150 cm.
100 x 150 cm.
115 x 180 cm.
150 x 200 cm.
115 x 240 cm.
150 x 240 cm.
150 x 300 cm.
Special sizes
10mm (+/-)
Labels possibility with your web page: (Mínimum 1000 pcs)
 works by injecting dye into the pile of the textile. The functional principle is similar to an office ink jet printer. Jets are arranged in groups, mounted on a print-head which traverses the mat. The computer controlled jets open and close up to 400 times per second. The color pressure injects dye with surgical precision deep into the face of the pile without any machine parts touching the fabric.
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